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Issue 1.1 July/Aug. 2004

• Sacred Destinations
• Critical Mass on Bicycles
• Notes on Nutrition
• Chiropractic and Pregnancy

Issue 1.2 Sept./Oct. 2004

Activist Sandy Aquila•
Dairy Alternatives&bull
Pranic Healing•

Issue 1.3 Nov./Dec. 2004

• A Course in Miracles
• Fair Trade Coffee
• Mysterious Malta

Issue 1.4 Jan./Feb. 2005

Heart healthy foods&bull
Indigo Children: The Movie•
Visiting the Spirit of Fiji•

Issue 1.5 Mar./Apr. 2005

• Brad Olsen reports from the Asian Tsunami Zone
• Resurrection of Gaia
• The Origin of Easter

Issue 1.6 May/June 2005

Natural Mother issue•
Acupuncture & Fertility•
Choosing a Doula•
EXCLUSIVE: Interview with music legend Donovan
limited availability

Issue 2.1 July/Aug. 2005

• Hybrids are Hot!
• Drugs in Your Drinking Water
• Dirty Dozen: Worst veggies to buy conventional

Issue 2.2 Sept./Oct. 2005

Exclusive: Neale Donald Walsch
Religion of the Jedi•
Brothers of the Twang•

Issue 2.3 Nov./Dec 2005

• The Family Farm
• Slow Food Movement
• Hippie Tribe in Hawaii

Issue 2.4 Jan./Feb. 2006

Energy Medicine•
Journey to Jerusalem•
Tai Chi for Health•

Issue 2.5 Mar./Apr. 2006

• Earth in the Balance
• EMF - the Invisible Pollution
• Vegetarian in a Carnivore World

Issue 2.6 May/June 2006

Prius report card•
Rocky Mountain High•
Think Less and Know More•

Issue 3.1 July/Aug. 2006

Local is the New Organic
• Author Will Clower
• Mystery of Stonehenge

Issue 3.2 Sept./Oct. 2006
Health Benefits of Beer•
Home Schooling Part I•
Tantric Journey in Napa Valley•

Issue 3.3 Nov./Dec 2006

• The Conscious Consumer
• Home School Part II
• U.S. v. Spinach

Issue 3.4 Jan./Feb. 2007

New Year, New You!•
Alt. Med. for Pro Hockey•
Sacred Destinations•

Issue 3.5 Mar./April 2007

•Interview: Sierra Club President
Lisa Renstrom
• Safer Pet Food Ideas
• Choosing a Healing Arts Career

Issue 3.6 May/June 2007

Grass Fed is Better •
Guide to 2007 Farmers Markets •
How to be a Locavore •

Issue 4.1 July/Aug 2007

• The Power of Thought
• Michael Beckwith interview
• Fr. Justin Belitz
• From Jedi to Jesus



Issue 4.2 Sept/Oct 2007
Mt. Shasta Mysteries •
PETA's Prince of Pranks •
The Healing benefits of Tea •

Issue 4.3 Nov/Dec 2007

• Greenwashing is In
• Exploring Canterbury
• Power of the Placebo
• Time to Ban Aspartame


Issue 4.4 Jan/Feb 2008
Mayan Prophecies •
Mayan Link to Atlantis •
Omaha Yoga Notes •
King Corn •

Issue 4.5 March/April 2008


Issue 5.2 Sept/Oct 2008

Issue 5.5 Mar/Apr 2009

Issue 6.2 Sept/Oct 2009

Issue 4.6 May/June 2008


Issue 5.3 Nov/Dec 2008

Issue 5.6 May/Jun 2009

Issue 6.3 Nov/Dec 2009

Issue 5.1 July/Aug 2008


Issue 5.4 Jan/Feb 2009

Issue 6.1 July/Aug 2009

Issue 6.4 Jan/Feb 2010

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